Why do I feel ike this? Why do I feel nothing? What is the point? These are all questions we ask, and questions we should explore. Each individual is unqiue yet our experiences can be common and uniting.


Being a parent is the most important role anyone can undertake, yet often the least supported. Relationships and connections with openness and understanding in families can make a difference.


Knowing how to move forward can range from making life changing decisions to simply getting out of bed in the morning. Together we can explore what we find hardest, and find a way to be. 


Whether you are struggling with communication, connection, or other challenges, learning to hear each other again, and finding not only yourself but your partner can make space for understanding and compassion within your relationship.


I am available to provide yoga, mindfulness and meditation experiences to clients either as a part of counselling or as a stand alone expreience. Please get in touch for more information.


Major events from our past can continue to feel real and powerful, and reliving moments can have the same impact on us as actually being there. I work with trauma in a sensitive way by using breathing and movement to keep the body in the present, with the goal of easing the pain experienced.


I am trained to help support sexual issues, from issues with ED, impact of porn addiction, recovery from trauma or abuse, or most other related conditions. Please make contact for further information, all enquiries are treated with complete confidence.


If you feel there is something that you would like to talk to me about that isn't already covered here then get in touch.


I've worked with many clients who have lost a loved one. There is no magic formula to making it all ok, but together we can work to find a way to understand the loss, and to find a future.